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   Data Manipulation:  Along with Forensic Recovery, Forensics IT can analyze the data on computer systems to determine if a user or a disgruntled employee intentionally tampered with data.  There are many telltale signs that show activities of potential manipulation.  We can perform an analysis on specific content and compare it to known facts for comparison as well as analyze file sizes on actual vs. temporary files.

   Civil Litigation:
Forensic analysis is not limited to criminal activity.  Uses of forensic analysis could include divorce, bankruptcy, small claims, discrimination, and harassment to name a few.  Forensics IT experts can participate in civil litigation as expert witnesses.  They can also give testimonials and participate in depositions pertaining to information discovered during the Forensic investigation.

Criminal Investigation:  Forensics IT can perform controlled criminal investigations against suspects’ computer equipment from assistance in pre-warrant preparations to post-seizure handling.  Cases may include, but are not limited to, financial fraud, drug & embezzlement record keeping, homicide, and child pornography.

Corporate Investigation:  Uses of Forensic analysis on a corporate level may include cases in search of evidence for sexual harassment, espionage, information theft, embezzlement, misappropriation of trade secrets, and internal/confidential information.  Searches are performed for various types of data proving that an employee, or someone who had access to the computer equipment, carried out corporate mischief.

Computer Surveillance and Monitoring:  Forensics IT offers expert analysis regarding computer activity and the best practices in performing controlled computer surveillance and monitoring for activity assessment.

Information Theft:  Whether it is at the large corporate level, small business level, or individual level, Forensics IT offers Expert analysis identifying information theft.  From trade secrets to personal information, files and data that has been reviewed, and then removed from a system may be recovered and have its activities analyzed.

   Insurance:  Forensics IT offers Expert assessment and analysis regarding recovered information for insurance claims.  These services may help mitigate overall costs by recovering and presenting evidence of possible fraud in accident, arson, and compensation cases to name a few.